Walking Dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know


How do I book?

You can  book through our Facebook page, by emailing us or calling us on 07598078899.

Where can I find out how much your services cost?

All the prices of our services are available on our Facebook page but don't hesitate to contact us.

What is involved in the consultation?

We will come to your home to give you the opportunity to meet us, and for us to meet you and your pet. It is important that you feel comfortable with us looking after your pet and potentially holding a key so this will always be done face to face. We will talk through the service that you want, sign any necessary paperwork and talk through what suits you best. Don't hesitate in asking as many questions as you like and seeking clarity as it is important to us that you feel totally comfortable.

How many dogs can you walk at once?

The maximum amount of dogs that we will walk together is 4 at once. This allows full control of all the dogs as it is important to keep them all safe but also have a fun time whilst they are in our care. We ensure that dogs temperament are always matched so they get the most out of their walk. Group dog walks are a fantastic way to socialise your dog and build their confidence around other dogs and people.

Do I need to be in to give you access to my house?

No that is not necessary. Many of our customers give us keys to hold which we keep in a locked key safe with only your pets name on and no other identification.

Where will you walk my dog?

We will aim to walk all dogs in parks or green areas as this keeps it interesting and safe for your dog, although if you or your dog has a preferable place to walk then we can discuss this during the consultation.

What if my dog is nervous around other dogs or people?

We will spend the time with your dog to make sure they feel comfortable with us and that we are bonded. We make sure they are walked in a quiet area away from others. We have the option for solo walks which could be the right choice for your dog.

Will you let my dog off the lead?

No we would not let your dog off the lead as this would jeopardise their safety, although we are currently searching for a fully enclosed area to allow this to happen - watch this space!

What happens in an emergency?

In an emergency we will contact you immediately to discuss the situation. If we are unable to contact you and urgent veterinary attention is required we will take your dog to your nominated veterinary practice or alternatively the nearest vet depending on the circumstances. We will discuss this all during the consultation.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured through Simply Business for pet care and dog walking, and also DBS checked. We will bring all documents with us during the consultation for you to look at.

How do I pay for the service?

We will send out an invoice via email to you at the beginning of each month which can be paid with paypal or a bank transfer.

How long do pet visits last?

This is entirely up to you which we can discuss during the consultation. A standard visit is around 30 minutes where we can visit your pet, water you plants, take out the bins etc. We want to ensure that the visit is tailored to you.

What happens if we are delayed in getting back from holiday?

We want to ensure that your pet is still looked after in the event of a delay so we will always hold onto the key and give it back to you within 3 days of your return. We would not leave it in the house on our last visit and continue with your pet service which can be added onto your monthly invoice.